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From exquisite culinary delights to sophisticated cocktails

Au Gourmet

The restaurant Au Gourmet and the "Salon bleu" captivates with cool elegance and noble materials. Gourmets dine here in a noble ambience the fresh and creative cuisine of Mäders kitchen brigade. Our service crew serves you at the table with an exquisite selection of cheeses and desserts from the trolley.


Visit our cozy bistro in the hotel, where you can enjoy a variety of culinary delights in a welcoming atmosphere. Whether you're looking for a hearty lunch, a quick snack or a refreshing drink, our bistro has something for everyone.


In the "Green Room" guests enjoy exquisite wines and creative menus from René Maeder's team. Here, value is placed on freshness and guests' wishes are taken seriously.

Food concept

Our food concept focuses on authenticity and quality, preferring to bring local delicacies from the region to the plate. We firmly believe that the best taste experiences come from the immediate surroundings. By working closely with regional producers and farmers, we not only guarantee freshness and flavor, but also support the local economy and promote sustainable practices. Each dish tells a story from the origin of its ingredients to the loving preparation by our kitchen team. With us you will not only enjoy a meal, but also the rich culinary heritage of our region.


Why this is better for the environment and culture.

Preferring local food protects the environment through reduced transportation and reduces the CO₂ footprint. It also strengthens the community, preserves traditional farming methods, and promotes appreciation of regional heritage. With local products, we connect with the culture of the region and protect nature.

Meat, Vegetarian & Vegan

Quite apolitically and value-free we offer our guests what would like.


With us, the focus is on the guest and his or her individual taste. Whether meat lover, vegetarian or vegan - we offer a diverse selection of dishes to suit every palate. Our approach is apolitical and non-judgmental; we are all about offering each guest what they want. Enjoy the diversity of cuisine with us in an inviting ambience where everyone will find something to their taste.


Wine selection, open bar.

At Doldenhorn we offer a careful selection of fine wines from René's wine cellar. Our wine list combines classics and new discoveries. Guests can taste a variety of wines by the glass. René guarantees the quality of each wine and is happy to share his expertise.